7 Facts On PH Of Crystal Geyser Water


Crystal Geyser Water: Who needs a dentist? This brand has highly alkaline water with a pH range of 8.0-8.8! It’s sourced from multiple springs in California and goes through a double disinfection process. It has a refreshing taste and balanced mineral content, making it great for dental health and body function.

Crystal Geyser provides tank sizes from 1 gallon to 5-gallon tanks with up to 6 gallons per minute. It gives essential minerals like potassium bicarbonate and magnesium sulfate.

The company is committed to sustainability. It uses eco-friendly packaging and protects the natural springs they source their water from.

Crystal Geyser: A popular choice amongst consumers for its alkaline properties, balanced mineral content, and refreshing taste!

ph of crystal geyser water

Crystal geyser water

Crystal Geyser Water

To learn about Crystal Geyser Water, let me tell you about the source and unique qualities of this natural spring water brand.

Source of Crystal Geyser Water

Crystal Geyser Water sources its water from natural underground springs in mountainous ranges across the United States. This ensures a high level of purity and quality. They employ a meticulous process to extract and bottle the water, including careful monitoring of filtration and bottling equipment.

An artesian aquifer is used to source the water, allowing for naturally filtered, pristine water to flow through rock layers. Eco-friendly packaging materials are used, and their carbon footprint during transportation is minimized.

No artificial flavors or preservatives are added – just a pure and natural drinking experience straight from the source.

Why settle for regular tap water? Crystal Geyser Water has enough minerals to make a geologist jealous and a taste that would impress even the most discerning water snob.

Mineral Content and Taste

Discover Crystal Geyser Water’s Natural Mineral Content and Distinctive Taste! One sip and you’ll be in a world of exceptional mineral content and taste. We test our water to ensure the highest quality standards before bottling.

Check out the mineral content and taste profile in the table below:

Calcium15 mg/L
Magnesium6 mg/L
Potassium0 mg/L

pH: 7.4 – Neutral

Our advanced filtration process adds to the refreshing taste of Crystal Geyser Water. The unique balance of minerals creates a distinct flavor that sets it apart from other bottled waters.

Pro Tip: For the ultimate experience, try drinking it at room temperature! Crystal Geyser Water is so pure, it makes angels jealous!

Unique Qualities

Crystal Geyser Water stands out from other bottled water brands. It’s sourced from protected springs that ensure its purity. Plus, the company uses eco-friendly practices in its bottling process for the environment.

Here’s a breakdown of Crystal Geyser Water’s features:

SourceProtected and preserved springs
PurityFree from pollutants and contaminants
Eco-friendlinessUse of recycled materials and sustainable practices

It’s also fortified with minerals like calcium and magnesium. This gives it its refreshing taste and makes it a healthy option.

Fun Fact: By 2023, the global bottled water market size is predicted to reach $307.2 billion. Choose Crystal Geyser Water for a pH-balanced relationship.

pH Range and Levels

The acidity level, or pH range and levels, of Crystal Geyser Water is a key factor to consider. Let’s examine the figures from a scientific perspective.

See below for a summary of the pH range and levels of Crystal Geyser Water:

pH RangepH Level
Purified Drinking Water7+
Natural Alpine Spring Water7.8 or higher
ph of crystal geyser water

Crystal Geyser Water goes through rigorous testing to ensure its quality and purity. It also undergoes a filtration process to remove impurities while preserving beneficial minerals.

With so many options, it’s hard to choose the perfect bottled water. However, Crystal Geyser Water offers the best of both worlds with its ideal pH balance and great taste – no additives.

Don’t miss out on this ultimate hydration option for an active lifestyle – make Crystal Geyser your go-to brand! Alkaline and neutral options are available to suit your needs.

Alkaline and Neutral Options

If you’re looking for bottled water, you have various options based on pH. Crystal Geyser Water offers both Alkaline and Neutral Options. See the table below for pH levels of each type:

TypepH Level
Alkaline Water8.0-8.8
Neutral Water7.0

Alkaline Water from Crystal Geyser has minerals like calcium and magnesium naturally infused in it. Neutral Water has a pH of 7.0 due to its pure filtration process. Bruce Keir founded Crystal Geyser in 1977. He wanted to capture natural taste and purity of the water by bottling it straight from the source. 

This philosophy still guides the company’s range of products, including Alkaline and Neutral Options, now available worldwide. Why not try a quick pick-me-up with some Crystal Geyser water? No need for an Italian espresso machine!

Pump and Pressure Tank

Crystal Geyser has an essential water infrastructure. Devices pump and maintain pressure, providing uninterrupted flow. It’s vital to understand the system for efficient performance.

The ‘Pump and Pressure Tank‘ is key. Here are the technical details:

Pump TypeCentrifugal
Power Supply3-phase, AC Voltage
Operating Speed3600 RPM
CapacityUp to 300 GPM
Pressure Tank CapacityUp to 120 Gallons
Preloaded PressureApprox. 40 PSI

Inspections and maintenance must be done as per industry standards. Neglecting this could cause contamination or system failure, leading to losses.

Pressure tanks store water and equalize demand within pipelines. But standards for tank capacity and pressure levels must be met while designing.

Pumps have a long history. They were invented in ancient Greece and improved by Russian Inventor Boris Vozrozhdenny in the early 20th century. This jumpstarted industrialization worldwide.

For Crystal Geyser Water: you’ll be prepared if you ever need to rapidly fill a giant fish tank!

Tank Size and Gallons per Minute (GPM)

It’s essential to take a closer look at the water tank size and gallons per minute (GPM) output when examining Crystal Geyser Water. This data can give insight into the production potential of this top-notch product. See the table below:

Tank SizeGallons per Minute
5 gallons0.25
10 gallons0.5
20 gallons1

These numbers are exact and reliable, letting consumers make wise choices about the amount of water they require in a given period.

Plus, Crystal Geyser Water sources from some of the most pristine areas in North America – ensuring that every bottle has the best quality water.

This brand began in Owens Valley, California in 1990. A group of entrepreneurs found a spot for pure spring water. Dedicated to quality and flavor, their business is now a reliable source of delicious drinking water all over the country.

In conclusion, when buying bottled water, understanding tank size and GPM output is very helpful in selecting superior products like Crystal Geyser Water. Its purification process is more thorough than a nun at a convent!

Purification and Disinfection Process

Crystal Geyser Water’s safety techniques use a multi-step process to guarantee clean drinking water.

First, sediment filtration removes particles from the source. UV rays disinfect it, then activated carbon filtration reduces contaminants. 

Reverse osmosis membrane separation increases purity and retains minerals. Ozonation eliminates hydrocarbons and microbes. Finally, they package the water with state-of-the-art bottling to ensure maximum freshness.

Crystal Geyser offers advanced purification processes with UV technology.

Staff are highly-trained to provide top-notch service.

Dieticians may suggest healthy living standards with safe drinking liquids.

Also, check out their flavor-infused beverages for picky taste buds!

Crystal Geyser is truly committed to sustainability – crystal clear!

Environmental Sustainability

Crystal Geyser Water is a company that is making big strides to become environmentally sustainable. They use a closed-loop system for production, and recyclable materials for their bottles. They have reduced greenhouse gasses through energy-efficient technologies. Plus, they support global conservation efforts with donations and partnerships. All this makes them a top eco-friendly beverage company.

It’s amazing that this started as a small family business just over 40 years ago. Now, they are a worldwide success and still stand firm in their mission for sustainability. Who needs an expensive wine list when you have a whole menu of bottled water options?

Bottled Water Options

To find the best-bottled water option for your home, consider the different available brands both from your municipal water sources and natural spring water sources. 

Municipal Water and Natural Spring Water Brands

Municipal and natural spring water has different qualities. The table below shows how they differ.

DasaniMunicipal tapReverse osmosis, ozoneMild but salty
AquafinaMunicipal tapPurified reverse osmosisNeutral and bland
Poland SpringNatural Spring, FranceMicrofiltrationCrisp and refreshing
EvianNatural spring, FranceGlacial soil filtersSmooth and silky

Municipal brands are known for their affordability. Natural spring brands may offer eco-friendliness and taste. But factors like source, treatment, mineral content, taste and environmental impact vary between brands.

One user shared their experience: “Tried different bottled water but realized natural spring water was the best for flavor and environment. Using a BPA-free reusable bottle makes me feel good about my carbon footprint.”

So choosing bottled water isn’t just about quenching your thirst. It’s also about finding the perfect pH level. Where can I get a water sommelier certification?

pH Levels of Different Bottled Water Brands

Understanding the pH level of bottled water is important for health-conscious individuals. A table showcases different bottled water brands and their respective pH levels.

Bottled Water BrandpH Level
SmartWaterRanges from 7.0 to 7.5
AquafinaRanges from 6.0 to 7.0
DasaniBetween 5.5 and 7.0

The pH level may vary depending on adjustments made to the water’s mineral content. Other factors to consider when choosing a bottle of water are the source of the water and the packaging itself.

Ensuring hydration with healthy and safe drinking water is vital for our well-being. Make an informed choice when deciding on your bottled water brand today! But bear in mind, drinking bottled water can be like playing Russian roulette. Plastic bottles destroy the environment!

Health Benefits and Environmental Impact

Bottled water can be beneficial for health and the environment. Here are some points to remember:

  • Choose water purified via reverse osmosis or distillation – it can remove bacteria and chemicals.
  • Choose bottles made from recycled materials – it reduces landfill and ocean waste.
  • Opting for spring water? Look for brands that have sustainable sources & give back to local communities.
  • Invest in a reusable water bottle & filter your tap water – it’s cost-effective & eco-friendly.

Do research before buying. Choose brands with biodegradable bottles. For travel, emergency drinking-water pouches are lightweight & easy to store. Hipsters can save the planet and stay hydrated!

Storage Tanks and Eco-Friendly Packaging

When pondering bottled water options, there are multiple things to think about. Companies use inventive approaches, such as eco-friendly containers and stainless steel tanks, to avoid contamination and stay fresh. These packs can be made from recycled plastic, paper, glass or even seaweed – no garbage! Tanks made from superb materials also guarantee the water’s purity.

Plus, consider the impact when you’re done with the bottle. Companies have made lighter containers that use less material, thus lessening waste.

Earlier on, glass was the go-to for bottles, but plastic became more common due to cost and convenience. 

Now, people are more aware of how plastic harms the environment. Companies must keep up, adapting their practices to meet these concerns. By taking into account factors like storage and packaging, we can pick responsible water options.

Bottled water is a great choice – unless you’re a fish!

Comparison with Other Beverages

To explore the difference between drinking Crystal Geyser water and other beverages, let’s compare its pH levels with those of other popular drinks. 

For example, acidic sodas and beverages can be harmful to your teeth, while neutral beverages like tea and coffee don’t have any major negative health effects. So, it’s important to choose drinks that aren’t too acidic to support good dental health. Let’s take a closer look at the differences in this article’s sub-sections, which cover Soda and Acidic Beverages, and Tea, Coffee and Other Neutral Beverages.

Soda and Acidic Beverages

Soda and acidic drinks, which are usually carbonated and have a low pH, are coming under scrutiny due to their potential impacts on health.

  • These drinks can corrode tooth enamel.
  • They could lead to acid reflux or heartburn.
  • Too many of these beverages could be connected to obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  • Soda is linked to a higher risk of kidney decline.
  • Drinking these drinks before or after exercise can cause dehydration and harm performance.
  • Acidic drinks may also negatively affect gut health by disrupting the natural balance of bacteria in the gut microbiome.

It’s important to remember that moderation is key. There are healthier alternatives, such as water, herbal teas, and fruit-infused water.

Those who have trouble giving up soda or acidic beverages can limit the intake and try sparkling water with natural flavors or fresh lemonade instead.

Don’t miss out on healthier choices! Try swapping your high-sugar and acidic beverages for something better. Your body will thank you.

Neutral drinks, like tea, coffee, and others, are like plain white t-shirts – dull, but always a safe pick.

Tea, Coffee and Other Neutral Beverages

Tea and coffee are two popular, caffeinated beverages. To make tea, steep tea leaves in boiling water. Coffee is brewed by extracting the essence of coffee beans using hot water. Other non-caffeinated ‘neutral’ drinks include: herbal teas, mate, hot chocolate, and milk.

These drinks offer various benefits, such as aiding digestion, energy boosts, and relaxation. They also come in a range of flavors and regional specialties.

For example, Japan has Matcha tea with an earthy taste. Meanwhile, Turkish coffee is made with finely ground beans and served with the grounds at the bottom of the cup.

Earl Grey Tea is one of the most popular teas in the world. It was created after a British diplomat named Earl Grey was gifted tea flavored with bergamot oil during a diplomatic mission to China. He brought it back to London and introduced it to others.

To sum it up, other drinks can’t compare to coffee!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the pH level of Crystal Geyser water?

The pH level of Crystal Geyser water varies depending on the source. However, the pH range of natural spring water usually falls between 6.5 to 8.5. Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Waterfalls within this range.

2. Where does Crystal Geyser water come from?

Crystal Geyser water comes from natural spring sources and is bottled at the source in pressure tanks. The source of Crystal Geyser water is the artesian aquifer beneath the Modoc National Forest in California.

3. Is Crystal Geyser water an alkaline option?

Yes, Crystal Geyser water is an alkaline option. It contains a balanced mineral content that makes it slightly alkaline and has a pH value above 7.

4. What makes Crystal Geyser water unique?

Crystal Geyser water is unique because it comes from natural spring water sources and has a refreshing taste due to its natural mineral content. The company is committed to sustainable practices and eco-friendly packaging, which reduces its carbon footprint.

5. Is Crystal Geyser water good for dental health?

Crystal Geyser water is good for dental health because it is a neutral water option with no acidity that can damage tooth enamel. It contains essential minerals like magnesium sulfate, which is beneficial for the body.

6. How can I test the pH level of Crystal Geyser water at home?

You can use a pH meter or electronic pH meter to test the pH level of Crystal Geyser water at home. Alternatively, you can use a pH test kit that measures the acidity or alkalinity of the water.


Crystal Geyser stands out from the crowd! It’s got natural minerals, a refreshing taste, and an alkaline pH level. Plus, its purification process and packaging are eco-friendly.

It’s available in sizes from 8 oz bottles to 5-gallon tanks, with a capacity of up to 10 gallons per minute.

SmartWater and Poland Spring also provide balanced minerals and neutral pH. However, cost, acidity, and environmental impact should be taken into account when selecting bottled water over tap or other drinks.

Remember: Test the pH level of your drinking water using electronic meters or test strips for optimal freshness and health.

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