Ph Of Distilled Water: 5 Factors You Should Know!

What is the pH of Distilled Water?

The pH (potential of hydrogen ion) of distilled water is 7. It means that distilled water has an equal concentration of H+ and OH ions, making it neither acidic nor basic.

pH Level of different types of Water

Type of WaterpH Value
Distilled Water7
Pure Water7
Acid Rain5 to 5.5
Tap WaterAround 7.5
Alkaline Bottled Water8 to 9
Distilled Reverse Osmosis Water5 to 7
Common Bottled Water6.5 to 7.5
Sea WaterAround 8

Why is the pH of Distilled Water important?

The distilled water’s pH is essential in many scientific and industrial applications. For instance, in laboratory experiments and medical procedures, it is important to use pure water with a known and consistent pH value in order to obtain accurate and reliable results. 

Determination of the pH of distilled water

The pH of distilled water can be determined using a pH meter or pH paper.

Steps for determining the pH of distilled water using a pH meter:

  • Calibrate the pH meter.
  • Rinse the electrode with distilled water and dry it.
  • Place the electrode in the distilled water sample.
  • Wait till the pH reading is stabilised.
  • Record the pH value from the meter.

What are the implications of acidic and basic water on human health?

Acidic and basic water have negative implications on human health. For instance, water that is too acidic can cause stomach upset, while water that is too basic can lead to skin irritation.

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